Top Reasons to Choose a Small Hotel

When traveling in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America, good service and support are essential.  While budgeting is always important, in Latin America you receive what you pay for. That’s a good enough reason to choose a small hotel and save yourself time and money. Here are just a few reasons to stay in a small boutique property where a guest is never a number.

Service & 24/7 Front Desk.  Eliminate travel stress and tiredness, and book a hotel for the first night or two after a long flight. If the flight has been delayed all you need to do is send a quick note to the hotel and they can arrange for a later airport transfer. They also bring you directly to the front door and save you giving directions to a driver who may not be from the city where you are staying – this is very common in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. Casa Lucia-2

Breakfast. Small hotels in Nicaragua include this in the room rate, and we know how important it is especially an early morning coffee and tea making facility. We often include specialty and organic ingredients in our breakfast.

Our kitchen staff will often prepare a French press you can take up to the rooftop. Take a look at some photos of our delicious organic breakfast, served poolside. 30124157_1678239892211137_4012256963378957014_n.jpgb03b4b47-e837-4842-b971-28f731f61574.JPG

Transport. Nicaragua is not the easiest country to navigate solo, or even as a couple. If you have done your research you will still need your hotel to give you the best options for transport and check prices. As Nicaragua is a developing country information online and from a guidebook can change at any time. A small hotel has a reputation to maintain and will provide you with the best options from budget tourist shuttles to private cars.

Sustainable. As a small business, we support other small businesses, and we stock gifts in our gift area made by Nicaraguan women’s cooperatives. These are handmade and unique. We invest in our employees and we follow government guidelines for safety and cleanliness. At Casa Lucia, this investment also includes purchasing food and natural care products from these small and sustainable Nicaraguan businesses – Soaps from Madre Selva which sells my favorite natural soap, EcoVida Hibiscus Flower Jam is a bestselling product and Quinoa Fit Food for their fantastic nut butter – peanut, cashew and almond, all made using stevia. 


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Character. There is more character in a small hotel, and undoubtedly you will get a feel of what is truly Nicaraguan. All of our rooms have furniture and decorative items that have been made by local artisans. Each room is different and has a unique atmosphere.


Clean. With less rooms each room and space receives more attention. Our cleaner works on those all to easy to forget areas – bathroom door knobs, bed-skirts, walls, alcoves, lamp shades, bed frames, curtain rods. You would be surprised by the amount of dirt and dust these areas can hold, especially in a tropical climate._JCR3095

Personal Attention. Do you want to know where to get a great massage or celebrate a wedding anniversary? Would you like a private yoga class? We can take care of everything from celebrating a special occasion to an in room massage or beauty treatment. Do you wish an activity that is not advertised? We work with a bespoke tour company, Viva Nicaragua, offering customized, off-the beaten path tours in and around Granada.

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Value. While a small hotel cannot match private room rental rates, just ask or take a look at the long stay rates. A small hotel will always offer better prices than those on – contact them directly. At Casa Lucia, the longer you stay the more favorable the rate. We also offer monthly long stays in our vacation apartments for rates under $22 per night. Ask us for more information on extended stays. They have kitchens and are equipped for you to prepare full meals and snacks.


IMG_6177Safety. We have a responsibility to ensure there are no safety hazards to guests in our hotel. In the case of an absent owner of a house rental, reaching that person in Central America can be difficult due to time differences, poor phone signals and language barriers. If you are planning to rent a home independently, ask who your emergency contact is and make sure you have a way to contact them outside of business hours.IMG_1854

Reputation. It would be impossible to ignore the power of Trip Advisor if you run a small hotel. Most of the time guests will write a wonderful review about their stay with us, and we work hard to earn it.

Passion. The majority of small hotels are owner operated or run by a Manager with a stake in the success of their business. It is likely each staff member is hand selected and is passionate and committed to their work. Guests notice this commitment and attention to detail, and in turn they enjoy a more authentic experience of the country.

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Pride. Our Nicaraguan staff are very proud of servicing needs of guests from all over the world, and they view their work with great responsibility. While this attitude is always hard to find in a 24 hour business like tourism, small hotels are likely to hold onto these staff members. Happy staff equally happy guests.

Do you stay in a small hotel when you travel? What are some of the most interesting and unique places that you have stayed? Our next post will be about a unique tree house hotel on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast and we’d love to know of any unusual places where you have stayed while traveling in Central America.

Our beautiful boutique suites and vacation apartments provide a comfortable, nature and authentic experience for your next trip. Visit our website to find out more,


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  1. I have stayed at Casa Lucia and can tell you that I had an experience that is second to none. The hotel is so beautiful and unique, and the service exemplary. I was sorry to leave and will be making casa Lucia my headquarters for the next trip to Nicaragua.

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