Los Ramos: A Tiny Island Village

We’re reposting an article today by Mike Polischuk from his blog Traveling in a Confused World. Mike has been traveling since 2016 with his wife and a 4-year-old child from Mexico to Patagonia . It’s an interesting and well-written perspective on life in remote communities in Nicaragua and why a hotel stay isn’t always the best or only option. As we hunker down and prepare for the start of high season business at Casa Lucia, let Mike take you on an aadventure in Los Ramos village.

Life in the village of Los Ramos is a balancing act. Living on the edge of active volcano on an island in Lake Nicaragua isn’t easy. “After the last eruption, the government built a radio notification system. If we hear a signal, we run to the nearby hill.”

Esperanza Aleman is an elegant middle-aged woman with a kind smile. Every time our 4-year-old would pass by, she would take her apron to lovingly clean up his hands and face.

“Please write about us!”, said Esperanza to me before we parted. “We don’t get many visitors. Maybe if someone reads about our village, they will come here”. More than a year after our visit to the tiny indigenous community, I still remember her words. It’s time I fulfilled the promise.

Los Ramos, A Tiny Island Village Balancing on the Edge of Active Volcano



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