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Free Shipping Today in USA 🇺🇸

Hammock orange swing


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The orange swing is perfect for your home. Besides being very comfortable (you can see the relaxing face of our partner in the photos), it is the perfect complement that will give it the touch of elegance and distinction that your home wants.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In interiors it gives a sensation of depth and modernism that will serve you as decorative element.

Try reading books or watching movies on our swing. I assure you you won't want to go back to your sofa!

It can be cleaned: If it gets dirty, you can clean the swing without any problem, the dye will not go away or stain.

100% Natural and environmentally friendly products: Our cotton is 100% natural, we are extremely careful about this: we do not use any kind of toxic product or poor quality. WE ARE VERY RESPECTFUL WITH THE ENVIRONMENT.

Fair work and social responsibility: We are a company with social responsibility, we are concerned that our employees have decent wages and there is a return of money to the local community.


✔️This product comes with Wooden bar and metallic silver hanging protector.
✔️Color: Black
✔️Weight Capacity: 300 pounds / 140kg.
✔️Width: 1m, height 1.20m
✔️Weight 2.5kg